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Five Ways to Increase Profits Through the End of the Year

Five Ways to Increase Profits Through the End of the Year

How do small business owners stay afloat during trying times?  Here are five ways to help increase profit and get your business humming funnel

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  • Assess your current costs. Make sure that every dollar spent is absolutely necessary.  You may need to streamline staff or create more efficient processes and procedures.  Don’t be too arrogant as to think that you can’t learn something new. …

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Who was Lev Vygotsky and why is His Theory Important to Marketers?

Who was Lev Vygotsky and why is His Theory Important to Marketers?

Lev Vygotsky made great strides in educational theory.  Today, with so many data-driven and social media tools available to marketers, much can be learned from Vygotsky when thinking about how to better understand customers and influence purchasing choices.

Lev Vygotsky via Wikipedia

Lev was a Russian psychologist who developed Social Learning theoryin the early 20th century.  He proposed that…

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Ten Google Plus Strategies for Content Promotion

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What Richard Sherman Taught Me About The Power Of Words

It seems pretty obvious but words have power, any reader knows this. It was proven again after the recent NFC championship game. The Seattle receiver Richard Sherman gave an adrenaline fueled, nonsensical rant to the interviewer on the sidelines and those 30 seconds of speech overshadowed the hours of game play that preceded it. So much so, that the next day there were too many Richard Sherman memes to count.

That was the power of his speech; he changed the way the game was talked about the next day. His interview was the main topic of discussion, instead of the brutal physical aspect of the game itself. Or the incredible amount of work that allowed a relatively young team to earn their way to the Super Bowl. Richard Sherman was not to blame for this; he simply gave the interviewer a clear view into his excited mind. The real crime was that all the critics allowed that moment to overshadow the entire game.

Yes words have power and everyone should be a little more conscious of their speech there are some times that words are given too much power and they take away from moments that deserve mention.

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